About Our Company

3 Reasons to Choose Us


We do our best to embody our 3S (Save—Safe—Suitable) principle in flawless processes that allow you to get a prescription and over-the-counter drugs quickly and at minimum price.

  • Save
    Our regular prices are 40–60% lower than at the average local pharmacy.
  • Safe
    And you can save even more with our Discount Program Only trusted manufactures and suppliers of services. Privacy Guaranteed!
  • Suitable
    All in one place: We deliver medications for the whole family right to your door

Forget about purchasing your prescription drugs and other medications from different pharmacies: our purchasing team studies the market and bargains desperately so that we always have the prescribed most and popular drugs in stock at the lowest prices.

Customer Service of Canadian Pharmacy Generics

We are quick and efficient when arranging your orders, but if you need a detailed consultation on medications, services, and discounts, all our time is your time.

You can contact us by email, via the inquiry form on our website, on our phone number above, or request a callback.

Family Care

Canadian Pharmacy Generics also has plans for families, including Covid-19 medicines, antibiotics and etc. To enjoy family benefits, browse our website for discount offers or contact our consultants.

Our family account service is under development, and soon you will be able to register as a family and add more than one person to the same account. In this case, all the available family discounts will be applied automatically.